E-Gear EF-QC-WB Seal Wind Blocker Hearing Protection Communication Headset
Item no.:
USD 600.00

all Color:
Green Black

SEAL Wind Blocker

  • Excellent choice of communication system for operations on highspeed boat, highway motorcycling, and also helicopter fast sloping
  • Advanced technology to filter out noise caused by wind
  • Clear communication against 80 km/h wind even without facial cover. (tested by running motorbike)
  • Reduce noise and recreate holographic sound
  • 6 levels of sound amplification
  • Optional cantilever microphone position
  • Removable neckband, easy switch between neckband mode and mounted to helmet mode
  • IP 66
  • Standard foam ear pads, silicone optional
  • 6 PIN connector plug, easy connect and disconnect to PTT
  • Meet standard EN 352-1, EN352-4, EN352-6 and ANSI S3.19-1974(CSA Class B)

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